Ceramic Light Sculpture


My plan for this project was to create a light structure with an exterior focusing on ceramic detail.

I built up a structure using sections of chicken-wire to manipulate a detailed form. I used cake cutters to cut out multiple ceramic

pieces used to collage over the structure to create a ceramic light sculpture.

This technique can be used on any given form to build up the exterior in shapes of your choice.

Natural forms


I used natural forms as a theme. My structure was manipulated to emphasize the female natural form. I used nature inspired stencils

to create my porcelain pieces and individually attached them to the wire structure.

Equipment used:
Chicken wire –thickness
6KG porcelain stoneware
Wire Cutters
Rolling Pin
Range of cookie/cake cutters
Ceramic Impact Glue

Building up wire structure

Carefully plan out sections of chicken-wire if creating a detailed form.
Then start to build up your structure.

Interlinking the chicken wire with single wire.

Interlinking the chicken wire with single wire

Building up structure form

Building up structure form

Single layer wire structure

Single layer chicken-wire structure

Depending on the weight of your ceramics and the thickness of your chicken-wire, you may need to build up extra layers of chicken-wire for support.

Abstract female form structure

Three layers of chicken-wire built up in sections, allows you to manipulate a detailed form and support for exterior weight.


Porcelain ceramic pieces

Roll out porcelain into thin slabs of clay, leave to harden for an hour then begin to cut-out your ceramic pieces using stencils desired.

Stencil cut-outs

Stencil cut-outs

Warped floral effect on cut-outs

Warped floral effect on cut-outs

Ceramic pieces

Ceramic pieces ready to be bisque fired

I used several layered thicknesses of porcelain for my ceramic pieces, allowing them to have various transparencies in lighting.

-Ceramic Attachment-

You are able to attach these attachments to the back of each ceramic piece before bisque firing.Nature stencil cutout attachments to attach pieces to wire.Nature stencil cutout attachments (preferably used for small sculptures) to attach pieces to wire securely.

-Wire Attachment-

Measure out individual lengths of wire to 7cm, as an attachment for your ceramic pieces.

Using pliers follow the images displayed as a step by step guide.

Finished attachment

Carry out this technique to your individual cut-out ceramics.

This will act as a hook to attach each ceramic piece to the structure.

Attaching ceramic pieces to structure

Interlinking ceramic to structure

Interlinking wire  to structure

Using single wire interlink the ceramic pieces to the chicken-wire form, twist and ensure piece is fitted securely.

Building up Structure exterior

Apply the individual forms in layers to overall create a collage.

First layer of ceramic pieces applied.

First layer of ceramic pieces applied.

Second layer of ceramic pieces. Applying the different forms in layers.

Second layer of ceramic pieces applied.

Forth layer of ceramics applied to structure.

Final layers of ceramic pieces applied.

Ceramic Sculpture piece

I have treated the clothes hanger as the main support of the piece, as I feel it allows the structure to fall freely.








NEXT – Lighting effect images.


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